Okay - so, like man how do we explain it, except to say that a store relevant to today's busy and practicality minded customer should have more STYLE to it than FASHION; like a good "closet," which reflects a lifestyle and not someone else's idea of what you should be and how you should look. We have merchandised a store that consists of hip basics and some fun sharp looking stuff that will not leave you wondering down the road "how the hell that piece ever got in there."

Please think of the

department store as a collection of specilaty stores,

devoted to customers who share a functional and stylish view of clothing and other material stuff.

We don't expect that any one customer will want everything we offer, nor even that all people will want something - but we hope that the store's personality and perspective on material things will suit a good number of people who have previously been unable to find many of the items that we carry; find the correct size; the quality; the genuine item; or been unable to find the wide selection of items we carry in one location.

There are items which you will immediately recognize as classics, and items which will become classics - be it combat boots, a surplus military back pack or tote bag, Chuck Taylors, a sexy dress, a great fitting pair of well constructed jeans, a basic American made cotton T-shirt, or a fine silk shirt.

We will strive to make our prices competitive, but we will also strive to give you the best customer service we can, and we hope that the service counts for something; we will be open to suggestions, criticism and a little help from our friends.